O BIM como suporte à construtibilidade e sua relação com a construção enxuta

[Construção – Imagem: Dwi Rizki Tirtasujana / Pixabay]




Design errors could seriously compromise safety and it contribute to building construction fails. These fails could have economic, environmental and social consequences. Many fails are identified only during the construction, creating rework, over costs and delays. If they detected in the design step, fails could be eased and consequences, avoided. In this line, the Building Information Modelling (BIM) has an important role in constructability analysis and cutting value loss activities, lean principle. In this article, it is intended to verify how the information modelling is contributing to the designs’ constructability and lean production implantation in constructions, at the same time. Because this aim, a bibliometric integrative review was produced using Botelho, Cunha e Macedo (2011)’s method, searching international databases and resulting eighty-seven scientific studies related. A bibliographic portfolio was done and used by the bibliometric variables’ calculation from the research matter and for the definition about intersections among the construction projects optimization approaches and BIM.


Keywords: BIM. Lean, Constructability, Buildability.


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