Contratações anormalmente baixas em licitações e a ocorrência do winner's curse: estado-da-arte

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Much has been discussed by the public control entities and the media on issues related to the overpricing of public works in Brazil. However, there is another important problem less discussed: the contracting of works for unaffordable prices with very low values and the occurrence of winner’s curse. The consequences are also negative, affecting society with financial and social losses, such as: low quality works, delivered late or even abandoned. In view of this problem, the objective of the present work is to raise how the winner’s curse has been approached in academic works at the national and international level and what are the mitigating attitudes of its occurrence. To this end, the SystematicSearchFlow method proposed by Ferenhof and Fernandes (2016) was used, with twenty-nine publications selected from 1996 to 2020. The main requirements to be observed in the bidding process to avoid the winner's curse were listed and can serve as a basis for future studies in Brazilian public works, improving the current bidding process.


Keywords: Low bids, Winner’s curse, Public construction, Bibliographic systematic review, Brazil.


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